Physical protection

The ever-increasing value of buildings and equipment requires a dedicated and knowledgeable and courteous use of targeted Fachkräftgen. Many years of experience in property protection, and ongoing education and innovation make us a strong partner and regional leader.

Personal security

CPI offers security and individual protection, of groups or families. Our highly qualified security-staff is fit and fast. Their handling of weaponry is always reliable and responsible. Only employees with longtime experience are appointed for those duties.

Event protection

The Protection of events and major events has been one of the core competencies of CPI in the last years. We have a longtime experience to design your individual and customized security-concept on the basis of a danger-analysis.

Alarm Systems

Our team has got extensive experience in installing and maintaining video control systems. CPI offers the planning, installation, operation and mo­nitoring of video control systems and alarm systems. Our systems are excellently rated by various tests and are VdS, FIDUCIA, EN54,DGUV, SSÖ, F&P, IN­CERT, NCP and CE-certified.

Vehicle Tracking

Where is my vehicle right now? All you have to do is open your internet browser and log in to our online portal. Your question will be answered immediately, because you’ll easily see where your vehicle is located and how fast it is being moved.

About us

About us

CPI is a professional and flexible company, the offers security-services to companies of every size and to individuals. CPI offers you personnel, which are regularly being sent to qualifications and trainings to make sure their knowledge and skills are always up to date.