Physical protection

Entry controls

  • Receive and supervision of customers
  • Entry controls and key-administration
  • Supervision of truck-traffic

Internal employee control and alarm systems

  • Supervision and control of employees
  • Disclosure of illegal additional business / absence from work / illness
  • Undercover investigation
  • Tracing of employees

Locking services

  • 24/7 observation services carried out by CPI
  • Protection against criminal attacks
  • Patrolling-controls with or without guard dog
  • Protection of employees at isolated working positions
  • Key-administration

Private physical protection

  • Every night – from Monday until Sunday - the protected object will be frequently visited
  • Installation of control-points
  • Analysis of the control-data


House sitting

  • The protected house will be frequently visited
  • Handling of the shutters
  • Emptying of the letterbox – according to prior agreement we forward the mail to you
  • Protection of windows and doors