Event protection

The Protection of events and major events has been one of the core competencies of CPI in the last years. We have a longtime experience to design your individual and customized security-concept on the basis of a danger-analysis. Our staff is trained to always be friendly but precise in their assigned areas. To be able to perform body-controls we em¬ploy female and male personnel. As important as uniformed securities are civil-dressed securities that monitor the respective area, identify emergency cases immediately and can act accordingly.


Our services include:

  • Security-concept
  • Entry controls (ID check and more)
  • Cash service
  • Supervision of individuals
  • Control of parking areas
  • Night watch
  • Personal protection for customers
  • VIP-supervision
  • Stage protection
  • Protection of certain special areas
  • Protection of emergency exits
  • Supervision of parking areas
  • Chauffeur- and shuttle services