Physical Protection

The steadily increasing value of buildings and facilities requires a committed and knowledgeable commitment from polite and goal-oriented specialists. Many years of experience in the field of property protection, as well as constant training and willingness to innovate make us a strong partner and regional industry leader.

On the basis of a specific risk analysis, we work with you to develop a safety concept that takes local conditions into account. This concept is intended to meet all requirements regarding immediate measures in the event of malfunction and emergency situations. Our employees are trained accordingly to develop such a concept.

Property protection measures prevent and prevent the effects of damage. Our staff takes over the surveillance outside of working hours.

Through constant controls or appropriate monitoring systems, fires, water bursts or other irregularities are discovered immediately and the respective persons (fire brigade, technicians, clients) are notified immediately.

Your decision to enter into a cooperation with our company in the area of ​​property protection is a decision for competence and motivation.

In addition to the traditional tasks in the area of ​​property protection, we also offer:

Entry controls

  • Receive and supervision of customers
  • Entry controls and key-administration
  • Supervision of truck-traffic

Internal employee control and alarm systems

  • Supervision and control of employees
  • Disclosure of illegal additional business / absence from work / illness
  • Undercover investigation
  • Tracing of employees

Locking services

  • 24/7 observation services carried out by CPI
  • Protection against criminal attacks
  • Patrolling-controls with or without guard dog
  • Protection of employees at isolated working positions
  • Key-administration

Private physical protection

  • Every night – from Monday until Sunday – the protected object will be frequently visited
  • Installation of control-points
  • Analysis of the control-data

 House sitting

  • The protected house will be frequently visited
  • Handling of the shutters
  • Emptying of the letterbox – according to prior agreement we forward the mail to you
  • Protection of windows and doors