Vehicle Tracking

Where is my vehicle right now? All you have to do is open your internet browser and log in to our online portal. Your question will be answered immediately, because you’ll easily see where your vehicle is located and how fast it is being moved.

Highest quality from Germany and Europe, this is our credo. Our Hardware is being produced in Europe, so the hardware is in accordance to the highest quality and safety standards of the European Union. Die software of our online portal has been developed in Germany. We want our customers to be always perfectly satisfied and the communication gap to the developers to be as small as possible.

“Track easy” is an online tracking application, which makes it possible to track the position of vehicles as well as their speed, the address of their current location, the route-history and so on – in real time! The system works by combining two successful technologies – the GPS (Global Positioning System) and the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). The GPS technology is a global route guidance system which can submit location data from all over the world.

GSM is the world’s most popular standard for mobile communication. Nowadays everybody owns a mobile communication device and couldn’t imagine a life without it. Our “Track easy” application is based on the same technology, which you have been trusting in for years. The information is being received by GPS technology. Our black box is equipped with a GPS receiver to be able to receive the location data from the GPS satellite. The collected data is being stored to the black box. By using the GSM technology, the data can be sent to the “Track easy” computing center.

All you have to do is open your internet browser and log in to our online portal. By only one click, you can generate all reports using the location data. The handing of the system is so “easy” – so the product is called “Track easy”.